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About Agrow biotech solutions

Agrow Biotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Kerala-based organic fertilizer manufacturer focused on sustainable nature-friendly farming solutions. We understand the soil conditions, the topography, and the organic food demands worldwide. Agrow Biotech Solutions are focused on tailor-made organic fertilizers that are suited well for the Indian climate. We used the state of art facilities in production and have a wide marketing network across all of South India. Our organic products are eco-friendly, chemical-free, and rich in macronutrients. In addition to that, it has many beneficial immobilized microorganisms that sustain the soil. Conservation of nature is our core aim. Since its inception, the organization has strived to deliver eco-friendly solutions. We aim to become one of the leading business associations in the organic fertilizer companies’ list.


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At Agro Biotech Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing premium organic fertilizers crafted from carefully selected natural sources.


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To create a regenerative agricultural practice that values and restores the health of the soil, fostering sustainable and resilient ecosystems for the welfare of present and future generations.


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Agrow Biotech Solutions believes in paving the way for a more sustainable future through our innovative approach to organic fertilizers. We prioritize the development of organic fertilizers that improve crop productivity while also promoting soil health and biodiversity conservation. Organic fertilizers have the potential to revolutionize agriculture and change the way we nourish our crops. . Our Mission is harnessing nature's power to improve soil fertility and promote healthy plant growth.

• To facilitate the transition from chemical-dependent farming to organic and regenerative methods.
• To emphasize the importance of preserving soil structure, chemical balance, and the diverse ecosystem that thrives within the soil.
• To raise awareness among farmers, communities, and policymakers about the critical importance of soil health and the detrimental effects of chemical-intensive agriculture.
• To encourage the use of environmentally friendly farming practices that prioritize soil regeneration and biodiversity conservation.
• To improve soil fertility, productivity, and long-term resilience while reducing negative impacts on human health and the environment.
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Core values

We are dedicated to promoting sustainable agricultural practices and offering environmentally friendly farming solutions that contribute to nature conservation and preservation.

Environmental Responsibility
We are deeply committed to environmental responsibility. We take steps to reduce waste generation, reduce our carbon footprint, and actively contribute to creating a more environmentally friendly and poison-free world.

Quality Assurance
We strive for excellence in producing premium-quality organic fertilizers scientifically formulated with natural ingredients. To ensure the best results for farmers and soil health, we prioritize the efficacy, safety, and dependability of our products.

Customer Priority
We prioritize our customer's needs and strive to deliver exceptional products and service. Our expert team is committed to understanding specific needs, making tailored recommendations, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

At the heart of our core values lies the empowerment of farmers, women, and our staff. We provide continuous training and orientation to our employees, engage with farmer communities, and involve other stakeholders. Through digital projects, initiatives centered around women, and opportunities for agricultural entrepreneurship.

Community Building
We value collaboration and partnerships with agricultural experts, farmers, and industry stakeholders as we work together to create a greener and more sustainable future. We can initiate meaningful change in the agricultural sector by leveraging our collective expertise.

We believe in continuous research and development in order to harness nature's power and create innovative organic fertilizers that improve soil fertility, promote plant health, and contribute to long-term ecological balance